Gowns (Non-Sterlity)


Gowns-medical protection

Gowns-medical protection ( NON-sterility ) -under the ultraviolet Ray disinfection.
It is used by medical personnel and patient for protection during operation where no infectious vims exists in the blood of the patient.

Gowns (With Sterlity)


 Gowns-Surgical ( WITH-sterility )

It is used to provide bamer and protection for clinical medical personnel when they contact with the blood, body fluids and secretions of patients with potential infection risk and particulates in the air at work.

Isolation Gowns


Isolation Gowns

ISOLATION GOWNS-Trilaminated Non Woven. 

It can be used together with other personal protective equipment to effectively improve safety.

Korean Gown and Shoe Cover


Type 4/Level D Class DH3000

DH3000 Type 4 / Level D Class is suitable for those medical staffs and government officials who struggle against COVID-19. DH3000 is composed a set of cloth and shoe cover that should be worn as a set.

50 GSM Cover

GSM Cover.png

GSM Cover

It is one of the best personal protective equipment to effectively improve safety.