What is MAB Medical Link?

Ans :

MAB Medical Link is a platform that belongs to "Abdul Razzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Trading Establishment" ( www.mab1925.com )

The company, established in 1925, is one of the oldest trading companies in the UAE.  It has been well known in the region for many years for supplying and distributing tailoring materials. Throughout the years, the company has developed many connections with many factories around the globe. These strong relationships that the company has built allowed us to connect you with our trusted sources whom we have selectively chose to provide you with good quality and guaranteed products.  

How to place the order?

Ans :

To place the order, you need to visit contact us page and fill the enquiry form. After then, our team will contact you and help you process the order. If you are in UAE, then you can come and meet in our office in Al Quoz Dubai. If you are still in doubt or need more infomation, then you can contact us at +971 43474001 or email us - masood@mab1925.com.

What is minimum quantity to order?

Ans :

The minimum quantity to place the order is 100,000. To discuss about the prices and discounts, you can contact us at masood@mab1925.com