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The company, established in 1925, is one of the oldest trading companies in the UAE.  It has been well known in the region for many years for supplying and distributing tailoring materials. Throughout the years, the company has developed many connections with many factories around the globe. These strong relationships that the company has built allowed us to connect you with our trusted sources whom we have selectively chose to provide you with good quality and guaranteed products. 


Mr. Abdulrazzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Albastaki is one of the business pioneers in the UAE.  After taking over the business at young age, he travelled around the globe doing business, but at the same time making friends.  For him, business was and still is a lifestyle that pleases everyone involved.  This has allowed him and us as Abdul Razzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Trdg. Est. to be able to provide you these essential Medical products directly from the sources through our long time relationships that we have built for many years.  Therefore, we can now offer our services to link you Globally through trusted channels.  

About Abdul Razzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Trading Establishment

Abdul Razzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Trading Est. was established in 1925. Through the years, it became the leading importer, trader & distributor of tailoring tools & accessories, embroidery & knitting materials, sewing accessories, haberdashery, arts & craft accessories.


It supplies all kinds of Laces and Trimmings; has a large collection of Threads, Ribbons and Yarns & a wide range of selections of Beads, Cords, Metallic & Aluminum chains, Interlinings, Motifs, and Sequins and many others fashion accessories. It provides the best quality products, prices & services in this industry.


Our products are sorted from China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany & many other countries. DMC Thread, Nako Yarns, Rotex Metallic Yarn, Clover and Three Seven are some of the popular brands which we carry and lie under our leading brand MAB.

It has always been the first choice for all retailers in Dubai and the other emirates in U.A.E but more than half of its sales are for re-export to other countries in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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