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MAB Medical Link is an online website owned by

"Craft Me Portal L.L.C."

Craft Me Portal L.L.C. is a company established to Craft Business deals in the most sophisticated way.  It is run by a team of experts making it easier for you to complete transactions and associations globally.  It is run by the founder of Abdulrazzaq Mohiddin Abdulla Trading Establishment, a company established in 1925, It is one of the oldest trading companies in the UAE.  It has been well known in the region for many years for supplying and distributing tailoring materials. Throughout the years, the company has developed many connections with many factories around the globe. These strong relationships that the company has built allowed us to connect you with our trusted sources whom we have selectively chose to provide you with good quality and guaranteed products.  

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Antivirus Raw Materials

Needles & Syringes

How We Work

We are dedicated and committed to provide clients with certified products. We make sure prices are reasonable.  We don't keep stock.  We link you to the right sources. 


We work with 3M distributors / agents / private sellers and title holders.

Accept payment cage code, mt199, mt799, escrow and LC.

3M Authorized Distributor Procurement Process SOP

1. NCNDA sign with copy passport.

2. Buyer prepares documents: LOI, LOA, Procurement Authorization Letter, ICPO.

3. Buyer offers POF (BCL).

4. 3M Due Diligence within 3-5days and reply the final purchase price of SPA.

5. Both parties sign SPA.

6. Buyer mandate, and the intermediaries sign IMFPA.

7. The attorney of both parties finalizes SPA, and working on the details of ESCROW payment term. (3M escrow account)

8. Buyer escrows the money 100% into 3M escrow account.

9. Seller delivers Proof of Goods (POG), SGS, Commercial Invoice for fund movement.

9.  Cargo transfer or
deliver and pick up.

*In some cases, the buyer cannot provide BCL. Buyer can use as an alternative to Proof of Funds. is an acceptable payment method.
*If buyer has any requirement that is inconsistent with our SOP, please write it in the LOA document.

Private seller SOP\

Cranberry OTG USA

Cardinal OTG USA

Prices can be offered for quantities between 500M to 500B

We also handle smaller quantities:

We have these lots OTG available in LA and US

Cranberry Evolve 300ct, OTG in LA and US**

Cardinal Flexal 200 ct, OTG in LA and US**

Prices can be offered for 2M to 110M

Production Nitrile Gloves Order


Allocation 100M/ 12 MONTHS


1. LOI,LOA,BCL and attach NCNDA signed by buyer will be submitted to the seller.  The initial vetting is
authorized by the seller mandate.

2. Receive FCO from allocation holder. Buyer sign FCO & ICPO and return.

3. Allocation holder issues SPA, draft LC and show proof by way of allocation letter.

4. Buyer mandate, and the intermediaries sign IMFPA. Both parties sign SPA.

5. Start production.

6. Release LC.

7. Cargo transfer or deliver and pick up.

MOQ 100M / Month
Easy and quick SOP
2. LOI
3. FCO
5. POF - ATV (Authorization to Verify )
6. LOA of ALLOCATION / signed SPA
7. OPEN SBLC /MT799( 4-6 weeks of production fund as contingency)




Address : 

Sheikh Zayed Road, 3rd interchange,

Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Street No. 18

Opp. Al tayer Motors Work Shop, Dubai

Phone :  +971 43474001

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